What is the Launch Retreat? Hero Image
What is the Launch Retreat? Hero Image
Jun 3, 2015 / 5 min

What is the Launch Retreat?

The Porch

You have probably heard us talk about the Launch Retreat, held every year over Labor Day weekend. But what is Launch, and why should you care?

I’m talking to the people who have never been, obviously, and we care about you for that very reason. Since more people want to go than can go each year, we would like for those who haven’t been to make it at least once. Those who have been, we love you too, but we hope you are now helping us put on this year’s event (it takes a lot of volunteers to make it happen).

So, if you are considering going to Launch for the first time, here is what you need to know:

It’s a party at the lake. On steroids.

You are not “sacrificing” anything to spend your Labor Day weekend with us. Don’t want to give up hanging out at the lake with friends? Launch allows you to hang out at the lake with friends. 1,000 of them. And not just the lake, but a pool, and sort of a mini water park, and volleyball courts, and basketball courts, and who really knows what else at this point (past years have included carnival rides, mechanical bulls, and throwing pies at certain young adults pastors). And that guy who usually brings his guitar to your Labor Day party? His name will be Phil Wickham, and he’s bringing along his friend Shane and his other friend, also named Shane.

It’s The Porch. On steroids.

We’ll have several times of worship and teaching by Todd Wagner (our Senior Pastor at Watermark), Matt Chandler (of the Village Church), and our very own Jonathan Pokluda. But instead of hanging out for a while on Tuesday night and then going home, you’ll get to stay there all day and then stay the night and do it again the next two days.

Some of you need to change your playmates and your playground, and this is a great opportunity to do exactly that. You can hang out, dance, play cards, act stupid, and remember it all the next day (and forever) with no regrets.

It could change your life.

I say this only because it has for so many people. God’s just chosen to work there, each year, and I pray that continues to happen. We’ve baptized people in the pool, had folks launch from there into lives marked by life, and seen countless lifelong (well, so far) friendships develop. A fair number of those have led to marriages, and though that would be an absolutely terrible motivation for going—do not go for that reason—we’ll still celebrate it if it happens.

It's going to sell out.

Which is why we’ve encouraged you to sign up for it right now, because it will sell out, probably within a week (last year it was 3.5 days). Yes sign up now, stop reading this and go sign up, we will be here when you get back… yes right now…

Ok now that you have signed up, what should you do? Well, pat yourself on the back, you made it in. What else? Make sure you let anyone else who you want to be there know that registration is open and that they need to move quickly to secure their spot.

Finally, if you need some further incentive to join us, just check out some highlights from last year…

Michael Jackson at #Launch14

Launch games

Launch games

Launch 80s party Back to the Future

Sky Ranch Lake

Launch from Blob

Sky Ranch Canoeing

Late Night Dance-off

Johnny & Chachi

Big Group Time

Relay Race

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Launch 80s Costumes

(Thanks to Lauren Dean, Ron Acord, Tyler Park, and Paul Bailey for the photos and video!)