It’s Time for a Change

David Marvin | 05.18.20

Below is the data to support David Marvin's Instagram post regarding his opinion on the current COVID-19 procedures.

The Virus Data

First, there is the antibody testing.

  1. In Boston: A study found that 32% of residents tested already had COVID-19, all of whom were asymptomatic. – Boston Globe

  2. In New York: A study in NYC showed 21% of residents had the presence of antibodies, so they may have already had the virus. – New York Times

  3. In Miami: A University of Miami study showed 16 times more residents had the virus than we previously documented, showing a fatality rate of 0.14% . – Miami Herald

  4. In Los Angeles: A study by USC found 28 to 55 more residents have been infected than previously believed. – Washington Post

  5. In San Francisco: A Stanford study found 50 to 85 times more people have been infected than previously thought. – Mercury News

Studies indicate millions, possibly tens of millions, have already had the virus without knowing. For most Americans, the death rate is lower than the seasonal flu.

Next is the average age of COVID-19 deaths.

The Massachusetts average age of death from COVID-19 is 81 years old.

Massachusetts data

In New York, the vast majority of deaths are people over age 70, almost all with underlying conditions.

New York data

In Pennsylvania, the average age of death is 79, and 68% of all deaths are from nursing homes.

Pennsylvania data

The average age of death in Ohio is 80 years old.

Ohio data

Additional Data
According to the 2010 U.S. census, the percentage of the population under the age of 54, which is the group at lowest risk, is 71%. While, the percentage of the country over the age of 65, whom are at highest risk, is 13%. Almost three-fourths of our country (70% younger than 54) is at little risk of hospitalization and even less risk of death.

35 to 50% of the deaths in our country are coming from nursing homes.

Our initial goal was to “flatten the curve” to not overwhelm hospitals. Now we are in danger of bankrupting those hospitals and collapsing them because there are so few patients, leading doctors and nurses to be furloughed.