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Some say the Church is irrelevant, fake, outdated. We say it’s the hope of the world.
Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of young adults from all over the nation will gather with the same mission in mind to awaken the movement they were made for: Christ and His Church. We'll release the exact location in Dallas-Fort Worth in the months to come, but expect an epic party, tons of new friends, and big surprises. After three days in Dallas, we think the world won’t be the same. The movement has started. Are you in?


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World Changer Rate

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World Changer Group Rate

Bring a crew of 8+ and get a $15 discount per person!


Who is this for?

If you are reading this, probably you. Ok, ok, we’ll be more specific, this conference is for those of us who are post-college to mid-thirties, a.k.a. those of us who are in the thick of trying to figure out how to make our lives happen, let alone make them count. This conference is for the young adult passionate about pursuing Christ and changing their generation and the ones to come. Sound like you? Then let’s go!

Can I refund my ticket?

Ah, the classic question of our generation. (AKA the #commitmentprobs question) Thankfully, since we’re largely run by a few millennials of our own, yes. A refund of 90% can be made until 60 days out from Day 1 of the Conference. All registrations are transferable.

Anything else? Bueller?

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