Memorial Day Weekend 2019

About Awaken

The Porch + A National Conference = AWAKEN.
It’s happening Memorial Day weekend 2019. Imagine thousands of young adults from all over the nation and the world gathered with the same mission in mind - to awaken their purpose, awaken their passion for Jesus, awaken the hope of the world. After three days in Dallas, we think the world won’t be the same. You in? 

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What to Expect

Ever been to The Porch? Picture that… times a lot… except bigger… and so much more. As far as details go, we like to keep some mystery. The guests and activities are all TBA, but to give you a little behind the scenes, here’s a look into the weekend schedule: 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

Location: Dallas Convention Center


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1. Who is this for? Uparrow

If you are reading this, probably you. Ok, ok, we’ll be more specific, this conference is for those of us who are post-college to mid-thirties, a.k.a. those of us who are in the thick of trying to figure out how to make our lives happen, let alone make them count. This conference is for the young adult passionate about pursuing Christ and changing their generation and the ones to come. Sound like you? Then let’s go!

2. Where should I stay? Uparrow

Dallas is known for a few things: BBQ, big hair, a great skyline (nationally ranked, not trying to brag), but it’s mostly known for being a part of Texas. The good news is, like most other big cities, Dallas has a lot of hotels. We’ve worked out deals with several hotels within walking distance of the Dallas Convention Center.

3. Will there be speakers? Uparrow

Is there such a thing as a conference without speakers? Probably. Is that what you should expect for AWAKEN? No. We have amazing speakers lined (or lining) up, and you’re not going to want to miss their insight on things like changing the world, leading yourself, leading others, you get the picture. But brace yourself, because this conference will be about much more than great speakers. It will be about young adults coming together to be inspired and unleashed to the adventure of following Jesus. That being said, stay tuned, we’ll probably let names slip along the way ;) 

4. Will AWAKEN be like Launch? Uparrow

Some of you are thinking, “what’s LAUNCH?” To you we say, first, LAUNCH was an event The Porch hosted for years. We took 1000 young adults from Dallas to small town Texas for three days and it was by far the most successful event in The Porch’s history. Every year it would sell out in minutes. Why would we stop that? Because we couldn’t invite all of our friends from across the country. That bummed us out. So now we’re taking things to the next level and inviting everyone, literally, everyone. Including you!

5. What if I want to bring my Young Adult ministry? Uparrow

We knew you were smart. We think the Church is the hope of the world and we would consider it a privilege for young adult ministries from other churches to attend AWAKEN together. We have group rates available.

6. What’s included in the price of my ticket? Uparrow

We’re in the business of keeping the main thing the main thing. Your ticket will cover all things speakers, sessions, worship, and activities. Yes, it does cover the nametag and lanyard #basic.

7. Soooooo, what’s the food situation? Uparrow

We may not be able to make good food, but we (and Yelp) know where it’s at. The Dallas Convention Center has awesome restaurants within walking distance … #eatlocal and #discoverDallas. The DCC will also have food and concessions onsite. You won’t go hungry. Trust us.

8. Can I refund my ticket? Uparrow

Ah, the classic question of our generation. Thankfully, since we’re largely run by some of our own, yes. You can request a 90% refund up to 60 days out. Unfortunately, registrations are non-transferable.

9. Want to get a hold of us? Uparrow

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