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Imagine thousands of young adults from all over the world coming together to redefine church.

If you’re skeptical about church, you’re not wrong. When you think of church, what do you think of? Do you flashback to your parent’s church that’s outdated, judgmental, and boring? Do you still remember the taste of the stale shortbread cookies and powdered lemonade? Most of us have a tainted view of church, and it keeps us from knowing what real Church is all about.

The thing is, that’s not church… and we’ll prove it. Join us May 23-25, 2020 at The Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas for Awaken Conference – a conference for young adults from Watermark Community Church and The Porch. The church is not a place; being the Church is a lifestyle. We’re redefining church… well sorta… we’re actually just going back to what the Church was always meant to be. ICYMI: Church is back.


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Saturday, May 23
7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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Sunday 24 May
9:30 AM - 11:30 PM

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Monday, May 25
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Speakers &

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Guest Speaker

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Guest Speaker

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Guest Speaker

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Guest Artist

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Guest Artist

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Guest Artist


Hotels &

Comerica Center
Frisco, Texas
2601 Avenue of the Stars, Frisco, TX 75034

Embassy Suites


Hilton Garden Inn



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Early, Early Rate

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Early, Early Group Rate

Bring a crew of 8+ and get a $20 discount per person!


Who is this for?

If you are reading this, probably you. Ok, ok, we’ll be more specific, this conference is for young adults in the thick of trying to figure out life as an adult… a.k.a. how to live for Jesus and His church while balancing a full-time job and life after college. This conference is for the young adult wanting to know Jesus more, and know what the Church is supposed to be like. Sound like you? Then let’s go!

Who is speaking at this thing?

We have amazing speakers lined (or lining) up, that you’re not going to want to miss. (watch all of our 2019 AWAKEN speakers here for credibility). But brace yourself, because this conference will be about much more than great speakers – it’s about a generation of young adults coming together to redefine the way we think about church. That being said, stay tuned, we’ll probably let names slip along the way ;)

I missed last year’s AWAKEN Conference, can I watch it online pretty please?

We got you. Watch here.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Last year, hundreds of people came alone and left with new friends. There will be opportunities for people who come by themselves to connect with others. We promise you won’t need to eat your lunch alone in a bathroom stall.

What if I want to bring my Young Adult ministry?

We knew you were smart. We think the Church is the hope of the world and we would consider it a privilege for young adult ministries from other churches to attend AWAKEN together. We have group rates available!

Soooooo, what’s the food situation?

There will be tons of food options for purchase on-site at the Comerica Center and in the vicinity. Trust us, you won’t go hungry.

Can I refund my ticket?

Ah, the classic question of our generation. (AKA the #commitmentprobs question) Thankfully, since we’re largely run by a few millennials of our own, yes. A refund of 90% can be made until 60 days out from Day 1 of the Conference. All registrations are transferable.

What if you didn’t answer my question?

We got you. Email us at awaken@theporch.live