Catalyst 2011: Tony Romo & Matt Chandler Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: Tony Romo & Matt Chandler Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 2 min

Catalyst 2011: Tony Romo & Matt Chandler

The Porch

Matt Chandler interviewing Tony Romo


- grew up in a Methodist church in Kansas

- in college, wanted to explore a relationship with Christ

- accepted Christ as his savior then

- his relationship now is something he wants to grow in

What does it look like to be a missionary on the Dallas Cowboys?

- awkward starting point to ask "do you know who Jesus Christ is?"

- go out there and live your life

- brought in Chandler to speak to the team

- some of the team are already there

- a process we all need to grow in

When did you know you were better than all the other kids?

- Chandler: Romo could have been in basketball, too

- It always feels like you're trying to overcome some deficiency

- that always keeps us learning and helps us get better

It seems like the Lord has been faithful to put guys in your life. Talk about how that's occurred.

- we live in a world where we want things right now

- when you look back on your life, events and turmoil bring you to the place you are now

- the people in my life are part of what got me here

- when I look back, I wouldn't change anything in getting here

- the people in my life keep me moving forward

There is a lot of "this is what you need to do if you want to see people come to the Lord". Living in a truly secular environment, what is the thing you've seen that tends to attract people to the Lord?

- the ability to know that everything in here is imperfect

- we all make mistakes and are finding our own battles

- letting people know that things aren't perfect in our lives

- when you understand that, it's easier to keep moving toward the Lord

- when you fall, you get back up and keep on toward the Lord

- when you learn that, it's easy to be around people

- everyone is going to fail, it's through the grace of God that we grow

If you weren't ballin', what would you be doing?

- if football wasn't where I was supposed to be, I give it up to You (Lord)

- I gave it all up and was willing to accept it