Notes: A Big Dad Hero Image
Notes: A Big Dad Hero Image
Apr 13, 2011 / 2 min

Notes: A Big Dad

The Porch

By Jessica L: Notes from Gary Stroope's message at The Porch (April 12, 2011)

Think about your life.

  • How’s it going? How’s it really going?

  • Are you looking forward to the next new thing in your life –new job, fresh start, new relationship?

  • How’s it going relationally, emotionally, financially, spiritually?

  • How did you get where you are?

Our generation is looking for purpose and meaning – even good things we do like buys shoes that send shoes to third world countries don’t fill us with true joy.

Romans 12:1

  • Your parents have contributed to your story more than you may like to believe

  • How we view our parents can be a part of that entanglement

  • Would you rather spend the weekend with your community group/friends or your parents? Honestly?

Exodus 34:6-7

  • The sin that you commit affects generations to come

  • The same is true with your parents and you

  • Maybe you “grew up on an unwatched channel”; so you strive for the attention of others, especially your parents

Proverbs 6:20-23

  • Letting your parents affect you instead of allowing God to lead you is not the way to live

  • Parents are the pride of children

    • We’re hard wired to be approved and loved by moms & dads
  • Sometimes we romanticize our parents to make it easier to face the truth about who we are now

    • Making yourself the idol of their lives
    • Or avoiding your sins
  • Depending on the house you grew up in, you can fantasize about how things will be with your family next time you see them

Matthew 3:17

  • Intersect on a deep and meaningful level with your parents

  • God picks up where your parents left off

    • He is all the love and fulfillment you need
    • You don’t need to strive for their approval any longer
  • How do we get there?

  1. Acknowledge that the gap between you and your parents is there

    > Pray for your parents

  2. Trust in God’s justice: 1 Timothy 5:8 – don’t try to dole out consequences to your parents

  3. Choose to forgive

    > Even if they aren’t seeking your forgiveness

    > Reconciliation takes approaching them, being honest, and extending forgiveness

    > Don’t wait for them to pursue you, especially if they don’t know Christ

  4. Accept your heavenly father’s love, his perfect love

    > You are loved because he gave his only son for you

    Psalm 68:4

  • God is not like your Dad, even the best Dad; God is supernatural, powerful, has real answers

  • Forgive your parents and meet your real Father