Still Launching Hero Image
Still Launching Hero Image
Sep 6, 2011 / 2 min

Still Launching

The Porch

To my dearest brothers and sisters in Christ~

As I reflect on this weekend my heart is full. LAUNCH 2011 was epic! Staff and volunteers have planned, prepped, and prayed for this weekend for the last year, and it brings me much joy to see what the Lord has done. Our prayers of people getting connected to each other (the Body of Christ) and into deeper relationships with the Lord, and to just have a ton of fun were answered. PRAISE GOD![gallery link="file"]

I'd love to leave you with this prayer...

Father, thank you. Thank you for showing up and doing more than we could ever do. We can hang some lights, decorate a building, sing songs, speak your Word, even make people laugh, but YOU ALONE SAVE. You alone heal, restore, and bring everlasting life. I pray you get all the glory, honor, and praise. I pray that as we come back to the "real world", we would be changed, be moved, and continue living a life of worship that is glorifying to you. That we would be a light to this world and a change in our city.

I love you Lord and thank you for my friends at The Porch, and an incredible Launch weekend. ~** Allyson**

Some of my favorite quotes from the weekend:

We can’t help but be moved, be changed, give forgiveness, find freedom, and love others in a way that is selfless and honoring to the Lord.

Our God is a sweet and convicting God...are you ready to deal with me now? We distract ourselves from having to stop and think and deal with our Holy God.

We engage in everything that Dallas offers and not the one thing that matters.

Purpose of singleness is to secure an undistracted relationship with the Lord.

He is not looking for moral conformity, He is looking for personal intimacy. It’s not about doing things to get the guilt off.

When you decide, when you act like He’s real it will cost you. It may be socially awkward. You don’t think it was awkward for Noah building a huge boat? It will cost you but the benefits are greater.

When you are smitten and captivated by the Gospel generosity and forgiveness come because our God is those things.

When the weight of the Gospel falls on you, you feel the stewardship and want to go and tell.

The greatest gift we have, our salvation, came because God denied Jesus’ request of there being any other way.

See your chains, not as a setback, but as an opportunity…like Paul.

When you understand the Gospel, that you don’t deserve it, entitlement goes out the window and you serve others.

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