The Porch 2014 Kickoff Featuring Tedashii With Shane & Shane Hero Image
The Porch 2014 Kickoff Featuring Tedashii With Shane & Shane Hero Image
Jan 20, 2014 / 2 min

The Porch 2014 Kickoff Featuring Tedashii With Shane & Shane

The Porch

The Porch is back!

The first Porch of 2014 will be this Tuesday, January 21, and will feature special guest Tedashii along with Shane & Shane.

If you are a Porch regular, that is all the information you really need. If you are not familiar, though, read on.

What is The Porch?

The Porch is a gathering of about 2,000 Dallas young adults, or people in their twenties and thirties, which meets at Watermark Community Church at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. We meet every Tuesday from January 21 until we break for Christmas in December.

On Tuesdays, we worship through music with Shane & Shane and then discuss what the Bible has to say on topics relevant to our generation, such as dating, careers, finances, and how to make a difference with our lives. Afterwards, people are free to hang out, meet friends, or grab a bite to eat (food trucks are available).

The Porch is not limited to just Tuesdays, though. We strongly encourage and help people to start small community groups that get together throughout the week. Within these small groups, people can discuss what is going on in their lives and study the Bible together.

We’ll also organize social or service events on the weekends about once a month, and have one big retreat every year over Labor Day weekend. We help people get involved in different ministries within the church or the community, and our small army of volunteers are committed to reaching their peers throughout the city (and beyond) both on Tuesdays and throughout the week.

So what do you need to do? Just come and see. The Porch is free and open to anyone. If you have questions or don’t know anyone, find one of the volunteers wearing a lanyard and nametag. You can also connect with us online on Facebook orTwitter, and podcast past messages here (or on iTunes).

Come and see this Tuesday, and help us change the world.