10 Pains of Adulting Hero Image
10 Pains of Adulting Hero Image
Jan 26, 2016 / 4 min

10 Pains of Adulting

Jonathan Pokluda

10 Pains of Adulting

When my grandfather turned 20, he was fighting a war, floating somewhere in the ocean aboard a battleship, where he shot down planes attempting to kill him. When I was 20, I was hoping to beat my friends at Madden on Super Nintendo.

There are those moments, however, where you are looking for an adult only to find out you are one, sort of. Here you are, all independent and stuff. So I asked my friends (Facebook friends that is…and my 32 Twitter followers) what makes them feel like an adult. Here are the top 10 answers I got back.


Life has come full circle. You have bedtimes when you're young. In college, you sleep in class. And then, you're back to bedtimes again. Only now, you’re the one setting them (talk about responsibility!). Once upon a time we were dreaming of 10PM. Now, we're dreaming at 10PM.

Setting an alarm clock.

Nothing says getting old like getting up early. King Solomon described it as “rising with the sound of birds” (Ecclesiastes 12:4). Yup. Whether it’s birds or your iPhone alarm that you forgot to turn off the one day you could sleep in! Ugh. But you only snoozed once. That's right Mr. Alarm, I'll get up when I’m good and ready...in 15 minutes. #Adulting

Paying taxes.

Matthew 22:21 is maybe my least favorite Bible verse. How did this happen? You don’t make much, and suddenly you have to pay what little you have left over?! What about that extra charge that gets added whenever you buy something? I thought that was paying taxes. Income, shmincome.

Paying bills.

So this is what your parents were always arguing about. Electric, Water, Cable, Internet, and Trash? Do you really need electricity? The modem is plugged in and the TV doesn’t work without it. Got it. What about Water?

Setting your own Doctor appointments.

That's because you have your own shiny plastic health insurance card. Bring it on flu!!! You can make the call, and get a Z-Pak. What? That doesn't treat the flu? You better get a flu shot then, on YOUR insurance. #winning.

Changing your oil.

A girl submitted this one, so I asked her whether she changed her own oil (?!). “Certainly”, she replied. I said, “that’s impressive. Where did you learn to do that?” She answered, “I don’t know, one day I just pulled into the oil change place and it happened!”

Saving for retirement.

Nothing says “welcome to the working world” like planning to quit forever. It’s ironic how these two go hand in hand.

Buying an appliance.

That’s your toaster. You own it. You worked hard for it. You might even leave it in your will.

Getting your own cell phone plan.

And by “your own cell phone plan” I mean making up a group so that you can get on the “family shared plan” together but not actually be family, because you’re too grown up for that!

Taking your dry cleaning.

Because nothing says “adulting” like stiff pants with creases. You did it. You’re all grown up. Mom! Look at me now!

The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:11, When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

While I don’t think this passage is actually about growing up, I think the passive admonishment of this verse is suitable. There is a time to put childish ways behind us. This has little to do with vehicle maintenance, healthcare, and bills. To find out what it is actually talking about, join us on Tuesdays ‪at 7PM at The Porch. When I look at today's young adults, I see world changers wanting to go all in to change this world for Jesus. Join us! We will start this year with a series entitled Adulting.

What makes you feel most like an adult that didn’t make our list?