Balloon With An Anchor Hero Image
Balloon With An Anchor Hero Image
Nov 11, 2010 / 1 min

Balloon With An Anchor

The Porch

By Alli T

I just got off the phone with my mom and she called me a "balloon with an anchor." I had already started to write about the quote by C.S. Lewis, "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world," and I had to laugh in my head when she called me a balloon, because I felt like it was a perfect lead in for what I wanted to write. I have been afforded basically everything any person could ever want in life. Yet, I still always seem to have a longing to be somewhere else or involved in something else.

It isn't that I want to go visit every corner of the earth and I want to have experienced all activities known to mankind. It is a longing to better know people, be with people and love on people. To help those who are hurting, to hug those who are mourning, to provide for those in need, and to edify the depressed. I am only going to quench this desire when there is no more hurt, pain, mourning, and injustice around me. That is when my desire to be still and stay put, to not be a 'balloon', will be fulfilled. When I am in the presence of the Almighty, my Lord and Savior, the Lord of all who proclaim Him as God and confess their need for Him. That is when I will no longer want to float away to do something else, because I will be in the presence of my one true desire. I will get to worship my Jesus for all eternity. Praise God!