Where to “Be Bold” on this 4th of July Hero Image
Where to “Be Bold” on this 4th of July Hero Image
Jul 3, 2017 / 2 min

Where to “Be Bold” on this 4th of July

The Porch


The Porch is on break tomorrow for the 4th of July! Please don’t show up, because you will be very alone. But please do be on mission, wherever you celebrate! Imagine the impact of 3,000+ young adults heading out into our city with the purpose of not just celebrating our national freedom, but of sharing the freedom that we have in Christ. Whether or not you got a Be Bold wristband at The Porch last week, go out and be bold with the gospel!

Here are some ideas on where you can do that.

Dallas Fireworks

Big D has some great options on July 3rd AND July 4th! Fireworks for days.

  • On the 3rd, Kaboom Town in Addison dishes out a heaping dose of gridlocked traffic fireworks, said to be one of the best shows in the country. If West Dallas is more your style, there is Red White & Boom on the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. That show is sponsored by Mrs. Bairds Bread, so gluten-sensitive beware! Or, if you prefer to go into full-on patriot mode and engage in our national pastime while watching fireworks, there’s always the Texas Rangers game.

  • On the actual 4th, you can head down to Fair Park for the Fair Park Fourth and get your fill of fireworks and Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. If you prefer more the neighborhood vibe, the show at Lakewood Country Club is a solid local option.

Suburb Fireworks

Yeah, Frisco, we get it – you’re not a suburb. Sure. But you do have a pretty cool fireworks show! Frisco Freedom Fest is on July 4th, and they say their show rivals anything else in North Texas. Kaboom Town attendees will be the judge of that, but the sparks fly after an FC Dallas soccer match – take that, big city!

Fort Worth Fireworks

The show out west, Fort Worth’s Fourth, claims to be the largest in North Texas. We’re waiting for scientific proof, but they are promising an F-16 flyover, so they win. America!

We’d love to hear from you! You can email theporch@watermark.org with any questions or comments. Download the Porch App to connect with us and see all that’s happening!