Catalyst 2011: Craig Groeschel Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: Craig Groeschel Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 2 min

Catalyst 2011: Craig Groeschel

The Porch

"I am doing this because of those who have gone before." --Groeschel

To those who have gone before: don't resent, fear or judge the emerging generation. Instead, believe in them. They need you. They may look a little different, but what is on the inside is very special.

To the older generation: If you're not dead, you're not done. The Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is still working in you. And you are probably more attune to His voice because you've listened longer.

Instead of delegating tasks, give responsibility. Tasks create followers. Responsibility creates leaders.

God used a 75-year-old man to shatter Craig's paradigm.

Be real, be authentic. Authenticity trumps cool every time.

Psalm 71:18, Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, so that I may declare your power to the next generation. (invest in the next generation!)

To the next generation: primary term used of this generation: "entitled". You feel like you deserve everything. In Craig's generation, you actually had to win something to get a trophy.

Because you feel entitled, (in ministry) you don't think there is a cost to be paid. You think you should have it all now. You often overestimate what God wants to do in the short run. You are also underestimating what God can and wants to do through you in the long run.

How can we lead up (influence those above us)? By honoring them. Because the emerging generation feels entitled, it often doesn't show honor. How often do we treat our leaders as common or ordinary? The one placed above us has been put there by God. There is nothing ordinary about them. See Jesus' experience in His hometown of Nazareth (Mark 6:4-6). Honor builds up, wants the best, values others. Show honor before you think it is deserved. Some of us need to repent for withholding honor.

The next generation (our generation) may be a little messed up and immature, but it is the most cause driven one that sees a problem and says, "not on my watch!" Craig: I believe in you! There are Andy Stanleys here, but you have to be humble! Do more than I ever can!