Catalyst 2011: Donald Miller Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: Donald Miller Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 2 min

Catalyst 2011: Donald Miller

The Porch

Notes by Chris G | see Twitter hash #cat11 for more conference quotes

The Life of Joseph

  • most of Joseph's life isn't because of decisions he made, but because of what happened to him

  • he mistakes the dream God gave him to be about him

  • he is rejected by his family and left in a well to die, and this is the first step toward his greatness

  • as believers, we accept and engage conflict in our lives, because we know God will do something with it

  • Joseph probably thought he was there because he blew

  • in Potiphar's house, he has such a great work ethic in spite of being unjustly enslaved that he is put in charge

  • he learns how to lead, to interact with the military and with Pharaoh

  • then he is unjustly thrown in prison

  • how is this happening? God is making it happen!

  • he kicks butt again and they put him in charge of the prison

  • there he learns how to run every facet of government from the people who screwed up

  • he interprets the dreams, asks to be remembered, but is forgotten for two more years

  • he continues to kick butt

  • leave a gap for God; let the Holy Spirit work; don't take control

  • Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream and then tells him what he would do in his shoes

  • how did he get that courage?? God gave it to him through being in a well, a slave, in prison...

  • when his brothers come before him for food, he leaves and weeps--he's a different man

  • God put him there to save lives; our ministries are the same

  • interestingly, God tasks him with feeding people, not converting them to Judaism (hmm...)

  • God's purpose on this journey is to make us powerful not tough (to be useful/used)

  • Joseph tells his brothers not to fear his power because God put him therewhen something hard happens to us, we have this choice: will we stay hurt/bitter or will we grow from it?

Closing: Gen. 49:22-26