Catalyst 2011: John Perkins Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: John Perkins Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 1 min

Catalyst 2011: John Perkins

The Porch

Notes by Chris G | see Twitter hash #cat11 for more conference quotes

Introduction video by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot; The Sound (song) was inspired by Dr. Perkins quote, "Love is the final fight."

Joy comes from longing and expectation, dreaming, and beginning to see that dream come true. This is the fulfillment of a hope, that I would see a segment of the church live up to its creed. To see a generation reach for that, it could be that which saves our nation.

This is the information age, a generation that is enriched by technology We are living in a possibility.

(in the 1950s and 60s) The church was an expression of white oppression. The black church was the only place to express pent up frustration. It didn't seem like Christianity was relevant to segregation.

"I was discipled. We are becoming Christians today without being discipled." --Perkins

We have the ministry of reconciliation both to God and to each other in one body. The concept of a black church, a white church, a Mexican church is a heresy. It's bigger than a social issue. It is a theological issue.

We are supposed to plant churches in the middle of the crime, in the middle of the poverty, where the single mothers are. Plant congregations--sister congregations--places where it builds into folks during the day and where people worship on Sundays.