Catalyst 2011: Scott Belsky Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: Scott Belsky Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 2 min

Catalyst 2011: Scott Belsky

The Porch

Notes by Chris G | see Twitter hash #cat11 for more conference quotes

Most ideas never happen.

When new ideas happen, energy & excitement are very high.

Myth: ideas happen because they are great


  • A Love for Idea Generation

  • The Gravitational Force of Operations

  • A Lack of Feeling Organized

  • A Lack of Accountability

  • A Lack of Feedback Exchange

  • A Lack of Leadership Capability

How do some people defy the odds and make ideas happen?

  • creativity/ideas --> organization & execution --> communal forces --> leadership quality

Overcome Reactionary Workflow

- an endless stream of...(inboxes, etc)

- create windows of non-stimulation (unplug)

- spend energy on how we organize

- - creativity * organization = impact

- organization is the competitive advantage to make ideas happen

- organize with a bias to action

- - measure the value meetings by action steps

- - be intolerant of inaction

- have cultures of capturing action steps

- reduce your amount of insecurity work

- - stuff we are doing to assure ourselves that everything is okay

- - eliminate it, delegate it, isolate it

- never stop optimizing

- - we get to where we don't want to fix it if it isn't broken

- - do experiments

- - constantly work to improve

Communal Forces

- the dreamers (create new things), the doers (happy with no new things), the incrementalists (dualists; create too many things)

- share ideas liberally

- share ownership of ideas

- seek competition

- - pace with others in your community

- - push to community

- overcome the stigma of self-marketing

Leadership Capabilities

- value the team's immune system

- - the immune system is the doers

- - brainstorming is the organ transplant

- find and empower the "hot spots" (information sources, etc)

- incentivize innovation by tolerating failure

- push people into their intersection

- - [interests + skills + opportunities] :: work in your overlap

- gain confidence from doubt

- - when people tell you you're crazy, your either really crazy or you're on to something

- "nothing extraordinary is ever achieved by ordinary means"