Catalyst 2011: Scotty Smiley Hero Image
Catalyst 2011: Scotty Smiley Hero Image
May 13, 2011 / 1 min

Catalyst 2011: Scotty Smiley

The Porch

Interview with Scotty Smiley, Captain, U.S. Army

After being injured in action in 2005, turned away from God and didn't want to pray. Yet his wife and friend did pray and Scotty realized his need for forgiveness, like Peter when he denied Christ.

Wanted to be independent, but realized that he had to depend on others and ultimately on God. We have to depend on others and Him.

As opportunities are given to me, I like to seize them and be active, to enjoy God's creation. --Smiley (paraphrase)

"We have to focus on Him. If we aren't putting God first, He will forget us." --Smiley

Courage: it's doing things, the right things, when it's hard....making decisions when it doesn't seem to be the right one. We have to understand that God has a plan.

How can we serve the military better? Pray for them. It's those that prayed for Scotty that made the difference with him. Pray for both the soldiers and the administration--congress, leadership. Send Bibles overseas, coffee (Scotty enjoyed that).

Pray for Scotty and his family that they will have a positive and continual impact.