If We Don't Go, Who Will? Hero Image
If We Don't Go, Who Will? Hero Image
Nov 10, 2014 / 3 min

If We Don't Go, Who Will?

The Porch

International Missions Start in Dallas

Followers of Christ are all called to be "on mission” every moment of everyday in your own “Jerusalam, Judea, and Samaria" (Acts 1:8). A missionary is not a title reserved for believers who live in a foreign country. Rather, we are all on a life-long mission trip, and every day is a short-term mission opportunity. For some who call Watermark Church their home the opportunity to be on mission will include being part of our efforts “to go and be the church” in other parts of the world

A Servant-Partnership Approach

Watermark uses a multi-layered approach to help reach the nations as we deploy our members in Haiti, Ethiopia, Central Africa, and the Middle East where their gifts and talents can best be used to serve our various partners. Just as we do locally, internationally we pursue partnerships with indigenous ministries that are effectively impacting their own culture and country by helping transform the lives of people where the ministry serves through evangelism, service, and teaching.

Our goal in serving internationally is to help our partners develop people and processes focused on biblical principles that will do more than provide relief of short-term physical needs such as water, food, or education. Instead, our most important goal in serving internationally is make sure the “why” is always shared with the “what” so the Good News of Jesus Christ is always connected to our good works (Ephesians 2:8-10).

How You Can Get Involved

Watermark's External Focus staff coordinates a variety of short-term Discipleship Trips. These trips allow our body to use their time, talent, and treasures God has given us to serve our partners in a manner that best meets the partner’s needs (Romans 10:9-15). We also offer our body the opportunity to be involved in these efforts from home through financial support, prayers, and engagement in specific projects unique to each partner. Regardless of where the service is done or what service it is, we see international involvement as a chance to disciple our own people, even as we seek to impact others.

So how can you get involved in Watermark’s international efforts?

  1. First download and read the handouts listed below with links to them.

  2. Pray and talk to your community group about applying to be part of Watermark Short Term Discipleship.

  3. Fill out the application for the trip you’re interested in.

  4. Email or drop off your application to the External Focus team for Haiti trips or to the Young Adult leadership with E3 for Ethiopia trips.

  5. If you want to get involved in other ways please go to www.watermark.org/international for information all our efforts.

Ethiopia has an application deadline for the summer 2015 trips. Haiti has more of a “first come, first serve” application schedule because trips are scheduled throughout the year. The application doesn't commit you to go, but it does let us know that you're definitely interested!

Please feel free to contact our External Focus Team with questions about any of these or other opportunities: externalfocus@watermark.org.

_ Surrendered to God we are changing the world though the lives of young adults. _

On behalf of the Young Adults and External Focus teams