Launch 1950 Hero Image
Launch 1950 Hero Image
Sep 7, 2010 / 1 min

Launch 1950

The Porch



Well, the Lord definitely went before us at Launch. The weekend went very smooth and our volunteers did everything with a new level of excellence. (THANK YOU!!!) I am so PROUD of our Young/Single Adult staff as they consistently gave of inspire me! We had folks from all walks of life. From different callings and different seasons...We all came together to grow in our understanding of God’s amazing character through the teaching of His word and worshiping Him through songs, games, parties, community, and concerts.

Every day was filled with deep, meaningful conversations about Jesus and folks came to faith and were spurred on in their walk. The weekend ended with 7 friends getting in the water with their community groups to be baptized. (not to mention, an emotional send-off for Kaity and Lori!)

Thank you so much for your prayers over the weekend! It is one of my greatest joys to serve The King in this ministry! See you tomorrow @theporch!!!


JP...Deut 7:9

PS-Congrats to Allen for keeping down a gallon of milk in 60 minutes! (It can be done!)