Launch 2014 in Photos Hero Image
Launch 2014 in Photos Hero Image
Sep 12, 2014 / 3 min

Launch 2014 in Photos

The Porch

It was a totally awesome Labor Day weekend this year with the 80s-themed Launch Retreat! Games, late night parties, lake time, fireworks, prayer, Johnny & Chachi, worship by Shane & Shane, a concert by All Sons & Daughters, and great teaching by JR Vassar, Todd Wagner, and Jefferson Bethke. Three days spent with nearly 1,000 young adults enjoying life together.

It's too much to show it all, but here's a glimpse of the weekend, from DeLoreans to dance-offs. (Thanks to Lauren Dean, Ron Acord, Tyler Park, and Paul Bailey for the photos and video!)

Michael Jackson at #Launch14

Launch games

Launch games

Launch 80s party Back to the Future

Sky Ranch Lake

Launch from Blob

Sky Ranch Canoeing

Late Night Dance-off

Johnny & Chachi

Big Group Time

Relay Race

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Launch 80s Costumes