Launch Retreat Newbie Hero Image
Launch Retreat Newbie Hero Image
Sep 3, 2010 / 2 min

Launch Retreat Newbie

The Porch

By Daniel L

$190. 0% refund policy. Before last week, what I knew about the Launch Retreat was that it was at some ranch in Texas, people would be present, and there was going to be a 50’s party (century unspecified). I don’t think I’ve spent this much money on anything based purely on word of mouth. But, there I’ll be and I’m pretty excited! I’m still not sure what to expect, but here are some of my thoughts and hopes as a Launch Retreat newbie.

Stretch my Mind

I’m looking forward to hearing from Afshin Ziafat. From what Afshin says in his online bio, he must have painfully endured a mental and emotional gauntlet turning from Islam to following Jesus. If God has molded me like a potter, I feel Afshin’s experience must have been that of a blacksmith sharpening iron in the fire.

I’ve found that people that have wrestled with a new faith have come out with a deeper understanding and a strong foundation of wisdom for why they believe what they believe. I hope to soak in some of that wisdom to help me with the small leaps of faith in my life.

Learn and Reflect

I’m bringing the Kindle and ditching the BlackBerry. I’ll be starting with a 4-hour car ride from Wichita Falls, and I hope to step away for some more alone time while I’m at the retreat as well. I really want this to be a timeout from life to reflect and “reboot the spirit”.

My recent past seems to be drowning in life changes. I definitely want to take a step back to focus on what’s important and re-calibrate my compass.

Make a New Friend

Call it summer camp nostalgia, but I want a camp buddy that I can skip rocks with on the lake and talk about being a professional baseball player when I grow up. I keep hearing about how I’m going to meet sooooo many people at this retreat.

I want to be fully present in my conversations and hopefully make a new friend that I’ll remember hanging out with years from now.

See you at the Launch Retreat 2010!!