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#MyStory Hero Image
Apr 17, 2013 / 10 min


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There is movement trending on Twitter in Dallas. In a city known for materialism and self-centeredness, this trend appears to fit right in. On the surface that is. But right now #MyStory is synonymous with #HisStory. It is hundreds of young adults throwing caution to the wind and proclaiming to the world that God changed their stories. #MyStory equals life change.

And we are in good company. How else could a murderer, the chief of sinners become one of the greatest proponents of the gospel? See also Paul. Or the guy who boasted in his visions become a man sent to prison and then raised to lead a nation. See also Joseph. Or how about the guy who lied about knowing Jesus after following Him everywhere and then boldly started The Way, now known as Christianity. See also Peter.

The Bible is full of imperfect people who God used to do great things. Their stories became His masterpiece. And He is using young adults in Dallas to start a movement. We are saved by grace because of what Christ did for us on the cross. But He didn't stay dead. He is alive and well. If you know Him, make Him known! He desires to use you for big things. Want to know the most exciting part? #MyStory is all about giving Him glory. Will you join us?

Josh Hickman ‏‪@Jkhickman 

J.D. & a bottle of pills Thought ending my life was better than to live. But Christ saved me from the bottle & filled it wth GRACE # mystory

Miranda Cole ‏‪@randapaige 

THEN: Suicidal, bipolar, adulteress, sexually molested as a child. NOW: full of life, pure, holy, redeemed, beautiful, strong. # mystory

Laura Haase ‏‪@lbh1129905 

a good girl with a lukewarm faith, searching for identity in relationships. Jesus wrecked my life, now I'm all in and I'm all His. # mystory

Brittany Bundren ‏‪@BrittanyBundren 

Lived for the sport and the control it gave me over life. God saved me. Now I give him control & live for His glory! ‪# mystory ‪#redemption

KyLea Ingram ‏‪@kbingram85

Good girl turned party girl turned redeemed daughter of the King. Ask me more about # MyStory & how Jesus came to the rescue. It's #HisStory

Celeste Villarreal ‏‪@cevillarreal85
sexual abuse,etc convinced me God didn't exist. Now I experience joy in helping young adult women c the hope I've found! # mystory ‪#HisStory

Ryan Ramirez ‏‪@Ram6784 

Weak, insecure, a coward for Christ, & hiding behind a wall of pride. Forgiven & set free by his unexplainable love! # mystory Proverbs 28:1

Billy Wand ‏‪@billywand 

Saved young, extremely selfish, prideful, thought I was in control until my savior showed me there's freedom in letting go ‪# MyStory

Tim Jones ‏‪@bigtimmay_83 

Alcoholic. Self-destructive. Lost in a world of depression. His grace abounds, pulling me from my own wreckage. Miracle in progress ‪# mystory

Taylor Nabors ‏‪@taynabstx 

Ppl pleaser-emotionally driven-insecure. Enveloped w/love & humbled by grace in learning 2 be & love the girl He created me to be. # mystory

#MyStory Tweet

Angela Wagner ‏‪ @Wags2point0 Porn addict, value defined by men, self-destructive. Set free from guilt and shame by the power of my risen Lord. I am redeemed! # MyStory

Bryan Robert ‏‪@brob0728 

Porn, sex addicted, drug pusher, full of pride and anger. Believed a true story about Jesus. Forever changed by Him and for Him # mystory

Aaron Philip ‏‪@aphilip90 

Sex, drugs, alchohol WAS my life, till God wrecked me with the good news. He was faithful, when I was faithless. ‪# mystory

Glenn Gordon ‏‪@WaterGunWarrior 

A church kid trying to be good enough to please God, until I realized I couldn't. Learning to live in the sufficiency of His grace ‪# mystory

Charran James ‏@misscrj Bound by lies of never being beautiful, good enough or worthy. Overcome by grace & the love of a God who calls me his masterpiece. # MyStory

Page Austin ‏@Page_Austin No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt control everything. After dealing w/ multiple fam deaths, i surrendered to Christ. # MyStory

Chris Landry ‏@chrisblandry Church kid by day, porn addict by night. Broken. God's freedom through Christ is my new addiction. He set me free. I'm free indeed. # MyStory

Liz Powell ‏@lizpowell7 Tired of being the good girl so I explored all the world offers. Dying in guilt and shame, I ran to a Redeemer who calls me clean. # MyStory

Luke Duncan ‏@LucasMcDuncan Sex, coke, weed, & alcohol wrecked my life. Jesus picked up the pieces, gave me eternal life and saved this one # mystory

Zach Duke ‏‪@zachDUKE12 

The weight of my secret sin imprisoned me for the wrong I've done. But Jesus' last breath, said "Paid in full" my son. # mystory

Amy Tubbesing ‏‪@atubbesing 

A life filled with low-self worth and depression, Christ saved me and now my worth is in Him and joy fills my heart. # mystory is ‪#HisStory

#MyStory Tweet

Brittany Bennett ‏‪@brit_bennett 

Suicide attempt survivor, alcohol abuser, sexual immorality, guilt & shame-Christ's shed blood said he still LOVED me. ‪# mystory

brandon avance ‏‪@brandonavance 

# mystory rocked by a bad decision, hopelessly lost, sought success, fulfillment, love; found by max joy in Christ.

Dan Fischelli ‏‪@DanFischelli 

Over churched self-righteous atheist with father issues. Rescued and redeemed by a Holy Father. Now I'm unashamed of the Gospel. ‪# MyStory

mandy mcevilly ‏‪@mandylynnmc 

Unlovable, dirty, & hounded by guilt after a rape that led to an abortion. Loved, made clean & freed!This is Christ in me!!‪# MyStory

Juliana Jones ‏‪@JulianaJ10 

Anxious people pleaser after the death of my earthly father, saved on a solid rock after yielding to love of my Heavenly Father ‪# mystory

Lance Thrailkill ‏‪@LThrillCPA 

SAVED young but then lived 4 the World: POPULARITY PARTYIN WOMEN & SUCCESS were ALL EMPTY! Now im LIVIN 4 THE LORD & im FULFILLED!! # MyStory

Gus Gonzales ‏‪@kc2dallas 

Got really sick 7 years ago. Like so sick I couldn't process letters in a book. Jesus never promised healing, only holding me. ‪# MyStory

Lauren Dean ‏‪@laurendean 

A complete slave to what people thought of me. A chameleon- adapting to people I was around. Now identity is in Christ & I'm free! # mystory

Christina Irene ‏‪@chermakable 

Was controlled by false worth in other's approval. Led to insecurity self-hatred & depression. Met Jesus. He freed me to be...me. ‪# mystory

Quentin Ford ‏‪@qford04 

I wanted to be worshipped. Sex, money, parties, and alcohol addictions. Then I learned who Jesus really is and what He did . # MyStory

Rick Smith ‏‪@RickSmith 

High school drop out, run away, checkered past, insecure enemy of God turned minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ‪# MyStory


Travis Walker ‏‪@33TWalker 

Partying, drugs, drunkenness, and sex never satisfied. Christ changed me. I'm no longer a slave to my past. I'm free. ‪# mystory

Wade Souza ‏‪@SouzaWade 

I was drowning in depression & self-hate as years of drunkenness, porn, sex, selfishness enslaved me. By grace, Christ set me free # mystory

Daniel H Smith ‏‪@MooseManOU 

God was always there but he was inconvenient. He "tapped" me on my shoulder, I listened, and my life has never been the same since # MyStory

Kariss Lynch ‏@Kariss_Lynch I thought God owed me good things because I was good. He took away what I loved to b/c what I need. Surrender brought freedom. # mystory.

David Marvin ‏‪@DavidJmarvin 

Found my identity in performance and approval of man. Jesus intervened, learning 2 find who I am in what he performed on the cross. # mystory

Iván G. ‏‪@zionsouljer 

Saved young. Legalism left me condemned. Porn addict turned sex addict. The Lord revealed grace. Now I help free other men. ‪# MyStory

Kevin McConaghy ‏‪@McKevin98 

Tried to be good enough. Could never be good enough. Learned I was already good enough due to the sacrifice of Jesus. # MyStory

Allyson Black ‏‪@MsAllyBlack

Broken past. I felt unlovable & hopeless bc of the guilt & shame. Surrendered 2 Jesus! I now have Hope! Love! Freedom! # MyStory

Sheetal Agrawal ‏‪@thesheeet 

Worshipped Hindu gods thinking I had to work for God to love me. Then came Jesus. Now trusting in the work He did bc He loves me. # mystory

lindsaybriggs ‏‪@lindsaybriggs 

Trying 2 be perfect & control my life led 2 eating disorder & depression. Surrendered 2 Jesus. Now joyfully living 4 Him on mission # mystory

This is just a sampling of stories; you can currently see more by searching for the tag #MyStory on Twitter.

Join the movement. What's your story? Tweet it, in 132 characters or less, including the #MyStory tag. Don't have Twitter? You can share it on our Facebook page. And if you are interested in sharing your story here using more than 132 characters, please contact us at theporch@watermark.org.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony ; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. – Revelation 12:11