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Notes: The Secret of Contentment Hero Image
Jun 29, 2011 / 4 min

Notes: The Secret of Contentment

The Porch

The Porch at Watermark, June 28, 2011

Jonathan Pokluda, Philippians 4:8-13

Growing up, JP's family would burn the field and it would grow and grow and grow. Sin is like that in our lives. Seeing The Hangover was a bad decision that JP had to confess quickly, bring it to the light, and suppress that flame.

The Secret of Contentment

- contentment is our greatest desire

- all of the things we desire, we pursue because we believe it will bring us contentment

1) Contentment In Thinking (v8)

- contentment starts in the mind

- Gen. 3:5-6, James 1:14-15

- every single offense you will commit against God begins in your mind

- the opposite of desire is contentment

- synonymous with desire: discontentment

- what do you want? What are you thinking about?

- 4:8 gets used to preach belief in the power of positive thinking

- Paul isn't saying not to deal with your junk

- he is saying to not put junk in your head

- the way that you live starts with the way that you think

- Story: JP met with a guy last week who struggles with pornography strongly. The guy started to gain victory, and the way that he did that was by removing access and also to change the music he listened to (in his case, rap music and the way it objectifies women).

- the things that you listen to and watch, whatever it glorifies will impact who we are

- Paul says to think about the things of God

- you have to be honest with yourself and ask what you are feeding yourself and desiring

- and the thing is, you CAN'T be honest with yourself so you need to involve others and ask them

- you need to approach life strategically and go through life on purpose

- either my thoughts are controlling my actions (intentionally) or my environment & actions are controlling my thoughts (reactionary)

- it's like a diet; for JP it's mint chocolate chip ice cream and he knows he will wear it and it will stick with him; it's like that with the things you put in your mind

- quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson (actions...habit...character...destiny)

2) Contentment In Actions (v9)

- Phil. 3:17

- if we are constantly searching for the unrevealed will of God while we ignore the revealed will of God in Scripture, that's pagan

- follow me as I follow others; it's a discipleship model

- Story: GLOW, makeovers, manicures, pedicures, dentists, etc for disadvantaged women; at the end, those serving and those being served are indistinguishable. It's the same way with discipleship--both mature.

- what is your practice? What are the things that mark your life?

- Paul is saying that the things that you see me do, put these things into practice

- 1 Tim. 6:6

3) Contentment Whatever The Circumstances (v10-13)

- contentment will never come from what you have

- contentment is a state of mind

- Prov. 27:27

- Story: when JP moved to Dallas, he thought he could by enough stuff that would make him content. JP has been driving for 14 years and been in 16 cars. He has had 5 houses here. Over 20 motorcycles. And it's stupid. It doesn't fulfill anything. None would fulfill so he would go from one to the other. Christ had to break that in him.

- learn from Solomon, Eccl. 2:25, 12:13, fear God and keep his commandments

- and if you won't learn from him, learn from Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, etc...nothing fulfilled

- John 10:10

- 4:13 isn't saying I can accomplish anything; it's saying I'll be okay as long as I have Christ, no matter what the world throws at me

Story about Ali Hafed, a very rich man who became poor and committed suicide pursuing what he didn't have but wanted. Yet if he had stayed at home, he would have found what he was looking for.

- G. Sweeting, in Moody Monthly, May 1988

Christ is that. He is right here. He is ready to set you on a firm foundation and meet everything you need--Him. Everything that you need is here with Christ.