Notes: Who Is With You? Hero Image
Notes: Who Is With You? Hero Image
Jul 6, 2011 / 3 min

Notes: Who Is With You?

The Porch

The Porch at Watermark, July 5, 2011

Adam Tarnow, Exodus 33:12-17

Intro: from Maryland. Not a fan of the 10 months of summer. Doesn't get the craze about a little snow or ice in the winter. Then in the spring, he is shocked that we glaze over bowling ball sized hail and tornados. Really scared that he'll get stuck on the High 5 with hail and tornados coming. The tornados of life or even the fear of them is turbulence and noise. When the circumstances are bad, prays that the situation will change. But when things are going well, can grow complacent and want even more.

Exodus 33:12-17

Context: in Genesis, God chose Abraham and promised to make his people a nation and to give them a land. The promise keeps passing down through the generations into Exodus where the nation of Israel is in bondage to Egypt. God sends Moses to lead out the people after the plagues convince Pharaoh to release them. After they are free, they are in the desert and God provides. Then Moses is called up to the mountain to talk with God, and God gives him instructions for the tabernacle and law. While he is gone, the people lose faith and ask for a leader and god--after seeing all that God had done and promising to follow Him. In response, God tells Moses to go down and lead them into the promised land but says that He (God) will not go with them.

Who is with us is more important than where we are or where we are going.

Role-play illustration:

- Date 1: best circumstances; shallow, selfish guy

- Date 2: very basic settings; sweet, caring guy

Moses wanted more than the blessings of God. He wanted God. He wanted to be with God. What's your promised land right now? What is missing that you think would complete it? Or what is it that if removed would fix it? What is it that makes you think the blessings of God are better than God Himself?

Story from author Larry Crabb: as a 3 year old boy, got stuck in the bathroom and began to think that he would be stuck there forever. His mom couldn't get it open. His dad got the ladder, climbed in the window, and opened the door. Larry (kid) ran down to play again, forgetting all about it. Reflection: as a Christian, it doesn't work like that. God doesn't run in to unlock the door. He comes into it to sit with us (and for us to sit with Him). His invitation is for us to sit with Him, to know Him better, and to understand He is enough in the world.

What would someone in your circumstances do if they were confident that God was with them?

Go and do that thing.

Matthew 28:18-20

- Jesus is with us to the very end of the age

- it's not the end of a silly Disney movie

- He. Is. With. Us.

Imagine how life would change if we embraced that. How different would you spend your free time if you believed that? How could things change if we really believed that anywhere or anything with Him is better than anything or anywhere without Him?