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Q & A With Shane & Shane Hero Image
May 23, 2013 / 5 min

Q & A With Shane & Shane

The Porch

Worship leaders Shane Barnard and Shane Everett sat down with us recently after The Porch to talk about music, bus driving, and their new album, "Bring Your Nothing." Hilarity ensued.

How did you decide upon the band name “Shane & Shane”?

Everett: Hmm. Shane & Shane. Well, we’re pretty creative people, so, I was like, “Hey. Your name is Shane. My name is Shane. Let’s just introduce a new word to it: 'And.'” And there you had it.

Barnard: Shaned? I always wanted it to be “Shaned.”

What is your favorite Shane & Shane song?

Barnard: Right now I like a song called “You Loved My Heart to Death.” It’s a newer song. But, I’m sure it’ll change in about a month. As far as Shane & Shane songs go, none of them are that great, so you have to move on pretty fast.

Everett: Probably my favorite Shane & Shane song of all time is "Psalm 145." Just because I love that Scripture. And I feel like that’s what we do: we just commend His Kingdom to one another. So that’s why I like it.

Which one of you is the best songwriter?

Everett: Hmm. Best songwriter. I’ve written two songs, so…

Barnard: Those were great songs, though.

Everett: Out of the two that I have written, I would say, probably the best...

Barnard: They were amazing. Actually, they were. One of them was amazing.

Everett: It was called “Amazing.”

Barnard: Yeah. It was “Amazing.”

Everett: I really have written five or six songs.

Which one is the best bus driver?

Barnard: Maybe the better question is, who is more likely to hit something? I would say Shane is.

Everett: You’ve hit more things than I have! I’ve just hit one—I’ve hit a bigger thing than you.

What was the big thing?

Everett: I hit a car. But you hit a car! He’s hit a car, he’s hit a mountain…

Well, that’s bigger.

Barnard:I hit a car and a mountain. The car was minimal. It was very minimal. I paid him off with 200 bucks.

Everett: No, that was a bus. But you hit another car in Nashville turning the corner.

Barnard: No, that’s what I’m talking about.

Everett: Oh, I thought you were talking about hitting the car in Winnie.

Barnard: Oh, no, the one in Nashville, I paid him off with 200 bucks. That’s pretty cheap!

If you could be an animal, any animal, what would it be and why?

Barnard: I would be a deerdog.

Everett: A fictitious animal, or a real animal?

Like ligers…ligers are real.

Everett: A griffin.

Barnard: You skipped right over my deerdog.

What’s a deerdog?

Barnard: It’s a combination between a deer and a dog.

Is it a real animal?

Barnard: Yeah, they go “uhhhruff. Uhhhruff. Uhhhhhhruff.”

Everett: That’s hard to write.

Barnard: Because a deer goes “uhhhhr.” And then a dog goes “ruff.” So it goes “uhhhruff.”

Everett: Favorite kind of animal. Might be a lion, man.

Barnard: Not your favorite kind of animal. That wasn’t the question.

[caption id="attachment_4575" align="alignright" width="177"]Lion's mane Shane & Mane.[/caption]

Everett: If you could be an animal, what would it be? A lion. For sure.


Everett: Why? Because they’re awesome. Top of the food chain. King of the jungle. Manes.

Barnard: Manes?

Everett: Very full manes.

You wish you could grow a mane?

Everett: I wouldn’t mind…

Barnard: Take your shirt off. Take it off. Take it off, man.

Everett: I can’t—a mane’s on the head. My mane’s falling out. My mane is falling out.

Describe your new album.

Barnard: It is just really another attempt to preach the gospel. The title of it is “Bring Your Nothing,” and it’s really another way to say the gospel of grace. We bring nothing. He gives us everything. It’s just a collection of songs trying to communicate the best way we can the grace that God has shown us, and the grace that’s offered in Christ Jesus.

What made you choose The Porch?

Everett: We’ve loved Watermark for a long time. And so we’ve watched from afar. And even when Todd went to start Watermark, we helped out a little bit. Back in the early years at the high school. Years and years ago. And through the Lord’s providence, He just kind of linked our hearts back up over the past year and a half or so. And we began making the transition. We’re so excited to come be a part of what the Lord was doing here at the church and The Porch. We felt like it was a really good option for us to be involved locally, and really felt the Lord leading us here. And we're excited to be a part of the church, not just The Porch, but excited to be part of the church, and the family here, and just really felt really encouraged by the staff. Man, we love it.

Shane & Shane lead worship at The Porch each Tuesday. Their latest album, "Bring Your Nothing," can be found on iTunes or on their website. In case you missed it, you can also catch one-half of Shane & Shane discussing The Porch along with JP last week on Foxnews.com.

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