Someone Has To Pay Hero Image
Someone Has To Pay Hero Image
Mar 28, 2013 / 2 min

Someone Has To Pay

Jonathan Pokluda

One day, while I was driving down Keller Springs Road, a truck swerved into my lane and took off my side mirror. It swerved back and kept on going, so I sped up and pulled alongside it. I honked my horn and waved him over. Eventually, he did pull over and allow me to talk to him. As I explained what happened, and showed him my silver paint mark on his white truck, he eventually believed me.

He gave me his name and I took a picture of his license, and went on about my day. But then the frustration began. I called him but he didn't answer. When he would answer he'd hang up when he realized who I was.

This was my predicament: there was damage to my vehicle and someone would have to pay for it. Either he would need to pay for it, his insurance would need to pay for it, or I would pay to get it fixed (or pay for it when I sold the car at a deep discount due to the damage). The infraction would cost someone.

Raising the Stakes

Now imagine if I was a person of power, driving a nice vehicle. The $300 repair would be a $3,000 repair on a nicer vehicle. Imagine if you knocked off the side mirror on the President of the United States’ limo, and you kept driving like nothing happened. Besides risking getting shot by the Secret Service, you would be held responsible for the crime.

We have committed a wrong against God. We have sinned against a Holy, Mighty, Sovereign God, and someone will need to pay. He is an eternal God, so our debt to Him is an eternal one. We could try and spend our life making it up to him, but the debt surpasses our life. We are powerless in making it right. This Friday we will celebrate God paying this debt for us. He paid it by sending His Eternal Son to this earth to endure His eternal wrath against our sin. Jesus was obedient to death. Because He is an eternal God, He paid an eternal payment for our eternal debt on that day.

This Sunday serves as a reminder that our debt is canceled if we have trusted in Jesus' death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus defeated death and reigns eternally. He got what we deserve, and we get what He deserves if we trust Him.

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