Thankful Hero Image
Thankful Hero Image
Nov 19, 2012 / 2 min


Jonathan Pokluda

You will write this blog post.

I’ve been encouraged this month by seeing people on Facebook and Twitter listing something each day that they are thankful for. For this Thanksgiving week, I would like everyone (that includes you) to write below, in the comments, what they are most thankful for. The result will be a long list of thanks to God, and a testament to His goodness.

I’ll start. Some things I am thankful for:

  • God's amazing grace in my marriage. It was once dead. I was once clueless. I did not marry a Proverbs 31 woman, but she became one as I learned to lead her according to the Scriptures. Now she is the holiest woman I know. She sets the bar in our house for what it means to sit with Jesus.

  • The health of our children. Even though this has been a very difficult season with Weston and his many digestion problems (acid reflux, milk allergy, etc.), God is still good. We are tired, but we love our God, and are thankful for this incredible gift in Weston.

  • The health of our ministry. I could be doing ministry where it is illegal to worship God and persecution is a real threat. Instead, I get to lead others in serving Him, and have a blast doing so. He could have me in a season where we would sow and not see the fruit, but instead we are seeing young adults trade in the Dallas lifestyle for Jesus every week. They are winning, and we are watching. It is awesome!!!

  • God flexing. God has saved my best friend and recently blessed him with a child. God has saved the marriages of many people I love. I have watched Him do the impossible with ease, and I am grateful. Beyond grateful.

What are you thankful for? List it in the comments below.