The Day I Should Have Died Hero Image
The Day I Should Have Died Hero Image
Mar 21, 2011 / 3 min

The Day I Should Have Died

The Porch

By Ally B

March 25th, 2006, the day I should have died.

My sister was riding with me this weekend and she started talking about the car wreck I was in five years ago. I was driving 55mph and apparently my right tires went off the shoulder. I over-corrected and hit a car head-on who was driving 45mph. I was not wearing a seat belt and they said I flew around the car like a ping-pong ball smashing my head into the windshield. I was in ICU, then moved to a normal room, and eventually was able to leave the hospital once I could make it down the hallway on a walker.

What saved me was what I hit…an unmarked police car. The officer was actually able to radio in help faster than it would take for someone to realize to call 911. I should have died that day. My family, the hospital team, even the police officer all would tell you it is nothing except a miracle that I am here today. My sister said this to me this weekend: “It was all part of God’s plan as I see Him using you today.”

She reminded me that this wreck lead to me marrying the guy I was dating at the time, which lead to my divorce, which lead to my life spinning out of control until the Lord brought me to my knees in complete surrender to Him. The reason I tell you this is because I can’t tell you why or even how I managed to live through that accident. It is only by the grace of God.

It truly is unexplainable, but undeniable!

Sometimes in life we want to know the why’s or how’s, but I agree with David Marvin when he said, "MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWING ANSWERS IS KNOWING HIM."

John 9 goes through the story about the blind man who Jesus gives sight to and no one can explain it so they have a hard time believing it. I can totally relate to this. I can’t explain how the Lord saved me that day, and I can't explain how he has now changed me so very much (2 Corinthians 5:17), but He has. He continues to do things in my life that I can't explain and I see his plan play out more and more as I spend time learning about and following Him. I used to not understand why bad things have happened in my life, but now I see him using every single one of those times for HIS GLORY and MY GOOD. I still have tons of things I don’t understand either in the Bible or life in general, but I KNOW CHRIST and He is GOOD.

I pray that in our search for wanting answers and explanations we wouldn't miss out on knowing God. He truly is unexplainable and yet undeniable!