The Porch in Photos: May 2013 Hero Image
The Porch in Photos: May 2013 Hero Image
May 30, 2013 / 4 min

The Porch in Photos: May 2013

The Porch

What is The Porch?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="334"]Fox News The Porch Fox News does not approve of your ministry name.[/caption]

Perhaps you have heard about it and are debating whether you should check it out. Perhaps you've just heard the name and thought, "The Porch? Odd name for a worship night," as did one news anchor.

We would encourage you to come and see for yourself, this Tuesday at 7 p.m. But to give you an idea of what The Porch looks like, below are a few photos of what has been going on in the past month.

Shane & Shane The One You'd FindShane & Shane "Bring Your Nothing" pre-release concert.

Shane & Shane Green RoomBackstage before the concert.

Shane & Shane "Bring Your Nothing" pre-release concertThe band.

Shane and HimselfShane and...Shane?

Watermark BaptismBrandalynn, Lacey, and Viviana at the Watermark baptism.

JP David Marvin baptismDavid Marvin and JP baptizing.

RoughRiders gameAt the Frisco RoughRiders game.

RoughRiders crowdEveryone is watching the game very intently.

Home run ballMike catching home run balls like a boss.

Fox News interviewJP and Shane Barnard being interviewed about The Porch on You can read our own interview with Shane & Shane here; it includes twice as many Shanes.

Porch Late NightCeleste sees what you did there.

Porch Late NightPorch Late Night.

You can see April photos here. Or, if you are curious about the upcoming Launch Retreat, here are some photos from last year's event. Questions? Please contact us.

The photos above are courtesy of Billy Wand Photography and Ron Acord Multimedia. Many, many thanks to them for volunteering their time and talents.