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Top 10 Dating Podcasts Hero Image
Oct 30, 2017 / 6 min

Top 10 Dating Podcasts

Alaina Haas

First Comes Love, our relationship series at The Porch, has officially come to an end. We know that relationship series' can be polarizing; either you love ‘em or you love to hate ‘em. Either way, there’s more where that came from. We tend to talk about all things love, dating, relationships, and marriage at least once a year at The Porch. For those of you who just can’t get enough, we’ve compiled the Top 10 most listened to dating messages of The Porch history. I’m a big Porch podcast advocate because long before I ever lived in Dallas or even knew what Watermark was, I was a loyal podcast listener of The Porch. If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing like getting a dose of truth and a reality check on your commute to work, during your workout sesh at the gym, or any other time of day for that matter. The masses have spoken, and these are the most listened to Porch dating messages of all time!

1. Identifying the One
Jonathan Pokluda / Relationship Goals / September 2016
It makes sense why this is the #1 most listened to dating message. We all want to know who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with. We are constantly hearing from culture, “when you know, you know." Yeah…that’s not helpful for those of us who don’t know. We totally understand. This is for you.

2. Love
Adam Tarnow / Relationship Goals / August 2016
Love. It’s a word that is thrown around a lot in today's culture, specifically in dating, but how do we define it? That’s where Adam Tarnow comes in. Thanks, Adam.

3. The Purpose of Singleness, Dating, and Marriage
Jonathan Pokluda / Relationship Goals / September 2016
Have you ever had an, “Oh, that’s what that’s for” moment? It’s that moment when you realize something’s purpose. In this message, JP helps bring clarity around the purpose of our relationship status. So, you’re saying there’s a purpose behind all of these bridesmaid dresses? Yes.

4. Dating Detours
Jonathan Pokluda / Save the Date / September 2015
We might think we're going in the direction of marriage in a relationship, but then we make decisions that take us on detours. Are we pursuing the wrong people, giving into lust, and playing games that hurt us? When we are fully surrendered to God, love can be a beautiful thing.

5. Check Your Baggage
Jonathan Pokluda / Relationship Goals / August 2016
You bring yourself into every relationship, but what baggage are you bringing with you? What past sins, hurts, or lies are you believing? If we don’t deal with our baggage, it creates a wake of destruction. Dealing with the past can drastically impact our present and future in the best way! Learn how to practically “check your baggage” in this podcast.

6. Same-Sex Bonding
Ricky Chelette / (un)Restricted / February 2012
(un)Restricted was a series on sex, and in this message, we hear the story of one of the leading authorities on the theology of homosexuality. Ricky Chelette does an excellent job explaining the nature of sexual struggles and their origin. He has an amazing message of hope, and shows from the scriptures God's design for sex.

7. When to Break Up
David Marvin / Relationship Goals / September 2016
Growing up in the era of Jay Z and Beyonce’s “Bonnie and Clyde”, or the desire to be a “ride or die” chick or guy, sometimes we stay in a relationship even when we know we shouldn’t. Sometimes, on the other end of the spectrum, we jump out of a relationship because we are being too critical or idealistic. How do you know when you should break up or ride it out? This message looks at five reasons you should not move forward in a relationship. Bye Felicia.

8. Try Before You Buy
Jonathan Pokluda / Bad Advice / January 2017
We do it before we buy a car, purchase a shirt from Nordstrom, or even select food from the grocery store (gotta love those samples), but people are not something we should “try before we buy”. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but that’s just bad advice. Need to be further convinced? Click the link.

9. Dating Relationships
David Marvin / Adulting / March 2016
There's one thing we've all received bad advice about: relationships. From "appearance trumps all" to "let your heart lead you", we've all fallen into the lies the world tells us. This podcast looks at 7 pieces of bad relationship advice and replaces them with God's good advice. Game changer.

10. Sex & Purity
Garrett Raburn / Relationship Goals / September 2016
In the sex obsessed world we live in today, is purity even possible? If it’s possible, why should sexual purity even be a #RelationshipGoal? In this podcast, we are reminded that sex is powerful, it’s not just physical, and how we can live out sexual purity. #BringingSexyBack

Bonus: Love and Dating Q&A
Jonathan Pokluda, David Marvin, & Alaina Haas / First Comes Love / October 2017
As a last hurrah for First Comes Love, we decided to take the most frequently asked dating questions at The Porch and answer them. Why? Because we care, and also because it was fun. It just went live on our podcast today, so this is breaking information. You heard it here first.

If you are one of those can’t-wait-until-the-next-dating-series kinda people, first of all, you’re in good company. Second of all, now you don’t have to. You have 10 of the most high demand dating podcasts to listen to! As the digital media coordinator, and “the social media girl” for The Porch, we'd love for you to share your personal favorites on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and let us know what you think @theporch!

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– Alaina Haas