What Is The Porch? Hero Image
What Is The Porch? Hero Image
Feb 5, 2015 / 2 min

What Is The Porch?

The Porch

The Porch has started back up and those of you that are hearing about it from friends or seeing post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be asking...

What is The Porch? Should you go? Is it for you?

The Porch is a gathering of people in their twenties and thirties that meets every Tuesday in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Wherever we gather, the focus is on Jesus and how we can together live out lives that actually mean something. That we can make a lasting difference, and not just get lost on the treadmill of life, distracted by pointless diversions, or bound up by mistakes of the past.

You could call it a church service, but that paints the wrong kind of picture for most people. So perhaps we should say what it’s not: it’s not a place for perfect people. It’s not for those who are good enough to go, and it’s not a self-help seminar focused on making you good enough. It’s not an insiders club for those who know some secret handshake or have old hymns memorized. It’s also not a place where you pay some penance or check off a box once a week, and then go and forget about it the other six days.

Each Tuesday we talk about real issues relevant to today’s young adults (because that’s who we are). And we build relationships with people who will care enough to be honest with us and encourage us and live life with us throughout the week.

We are…well, the people you see here, plus thousands of others just like them. Regular people who have found a life-altering, eternity-altering truth.

What is The Porch? Come and see for yourself.