What You Are Looking For (2nd Edition) Hero Image
What You Are Looking For (2nd Edition) Hero Image
Sep 14, 2012 / 4 min

What You Are Looking For (2nd Edition)

Kevin McConaghy

One downside of living in the information age is that there is sometimes too much information. It is often hard to sort through it all and find the specific answer you need.

We see this regularly at The Porch Blog, based on the search strings that people type into Google that end up directing them to our site. Often, the information you are looking for is nowhere to be found on the blog, even though the search engines seem to think it is.

To solve this problem, we’ve started collecting a list of search terms that direct people to this site, and then answering those specific questions for you. This is part 2 of our ongoing effort to serve our readers in this way; you can find part 1 here.

First off, for the many people who have searched for different variations of “sex on the porch”: we are glad you found us, and hope you enjoy reading our church blog. For everyone else, here are answers to some of the actual search terms that people have used to find our site:

Who teaches at The Porch?

Jonathan Pokluda (JP) is the main speaker, but David Marvin (D-Marv), Adam Tarnow (A-Money), John Elmore (L-More), and other people (OP) sometimes teach.

Is Watermark Church in Dallas connected to Andy Stanly?

Not that I am aware of. According to Wikipedia, Andy Stanley (with an “e”) is a pastor at several churches, including Watermarke (with an “e”). Apparently he just likes the letter.

Many cute guys at Watermark the Porch


What to wear to The Porch in Dallas

It is very casual. Most people come in t-shirts and jeans. Some people come in professional dress, hospital scrubs, or even gym clothes, because they come directly from those places to The Porch. And last week one bearded guy came wearing a yellow sundress. Unfortunately, that is not a joke.

Porch Watermark Dallas go by myself

Sure, just walk up and introduce yourself. Look for me, or for anyone wearing a t-shirt that says “The Porch.” We would be happy to meet you and introduce you to some cute guys.

Picture of grass field from porch

Here you go: www.shutterstock.com/pic-79012111/stock-photo-wooden-terrace-looking-out-over-a-tropical-cloud-sky-and-green-grass-field.html

Country song describing how he loves a woman

I imagine you are thinking of “Deeper Than The Holler” by local songbird/jailbird Randy Travis. The lyrics include:

My love is deeper than the holler

Stronger than the river

Higher than the pine trees growin' tall upon the hill

My love is purer than the snowflakes

That fall in late December

And honest as a robin on a springtime window sill

And longer than the song of a whippoorwill

These lyrics should be taken with a grain of salt, however, because some hollers are not all that deep, robins have been known to lie on occasion, and Randy was probably drunk.

You should be on the porch not the internet

I am currently on The Porch website, on the internet, while sitting on my front porch. Boom.

The Porch podcast same sex bonding

You can download that here: www.watermark.org/media/same-sex-bonding/1980/

My journal

You are looking for your journal…on the internet? Have you checked the lost and found?

Questions to ask during a DTR

  • Is this a date?

  • Where do you see this relationship going?

  • Do you want to make this Facebook official?

  • How about we go forth and make disciples together?

  • Will you marry me?

  • What do you mean, "restraining order"?

I want to be a teacher, addicted to porn

I don't think I can fully support that set of life goals.

God knew perfect Matt Chandler

Nobody is perfect.

Blue Heeler following us in car

I doubt that. Blue Heelers can't drive.

Blue Heelers with cow tags

Now you’ve truly lost me. I have no idea what you are talking about, so here’s a bunny with a pancake on its head.

  • Kevin