Frequently asked questions

1. Who is this Watermark you speak of? Uparrow

Well, we were almost called Lonestar, but that's another story for another day. Anyways, technically, you should be asking who The Porch is... Watermark Community Church is the larger church that we exist within. The Porch is merely a front door to connecting with the big church.

2. Okay fine, then who is The Porch? Uparrow

A gathering of young adults in Dallas, Texas who want to connect with God and be a part of what He is doing in our city and around the world. We believe that knowing God and being known by others is the most important thing we could do in our lifetime. We believe that we, as the Church, are the hope of the world. We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, better than anything else we've known. We aim to see twenty and thirty-somethings come to know God's love, be transformed by His Spirit, and impact this generation eternally through the church. Come and see. We'd love to meet you!

3. So, The Porch isn't a church? Uparrow

No, we are just a bunch of people pursuing and learning about Christ together.

4. Do I have to be a member at Watermark to serve at The Porch? Uparrow

Yes. We place a high value on being known, in community, and pursuing God with our church family. You can however start the process with our 8 week volunteer training while you are completing membership requirements.

5. I'm not a member of Watermark, but I want to be... now what? Uparrow

Jump into one of our Watermark membership classes, you'll get all the details there, meet some people in the same boat as you, and get to learn all about the heart of Watermark Community Church, which is also the heart of The Porch.

Watermark Locations


Main Campus
7540 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
Dallas, TX


Fort Worth

8000 Western Hills Blvd
Fort Worth, TX